The creation of the Sun

by Nelly

Many, many, many centuries ago, when the Earth was still being planned, the Gods were the most important creatures in the Universe. They lived on a cloud named Cernunnos. They had wonderful gardens in that cloud, full of divine flowers that grew nowhere else. In Cernunnos there lived a beautiful young goddess with her brother. Her name was Isis and she possessed the most powerful magic anyone had ever seen so far. Her brother, Myrddin, had the power of controlling water and air. He was older than Isis and was really protective. He didn’t want anyone to like her, so he wouldn’t let her go out of their home in daylight.

But once, while Myrddin had gone hunting with the other young Gods, Isis sneaked out of the house and ran into the garden that was just at the far end of their cloud. As Isis was wandering around the exotic flowers, she got frightened by a deep, rough voice: “Who dares to tread on the divine grass that I care so much about?” “It’s me”, said the goddess, “Isis – the goddess of magic. But who are you? Where does this voice come from?” “Look down.” And as Isis dropped her eyes, she saw a little man, with big beard and small eyes. That was Eitri, the dwarf that was the guardian of the godly garden. As for him, the minute he saw Isis, he fell in love with her. She was so charming and bewitching, that Eitri immediately asked her to marry him. Although Isis was surprised, she agreed because the dwarf was nothing like her brother and that was exactly what she had been looking for. But she told Eitri he had to ask her brother for permission.

So they went back to the Gods’ house. Myrddin had already come back and was looking for his sister. When he saw her with the little dwarf, he became even more furious than before. Eitri bowed down to him and asked whether he could marry the young goddess. Myrddin wouldn’t even let the dwarf stand up – he cut off his head. Isis screamed and started crying. And as the body of Eitri fell, one of her tears fell exactly where the heart of the little dwarf was lying. Myrddin took an axe and started cutting through the body in order to organize a feast for the other Gods in the evening. But when he reached to the heart, he saw that it had turned yellow and glowing. As he took it in his palm, it burned him. So he threw it high above the cloud.

Isis was watching with sadness in her eyes. When her brother threw the dwarf’s heart, she started whispering powerful spells that her brother didn’t know. As the heart reached the top of the sky, it suddenly started to enlarge and soon became so big that everyone could see it. And it was glowing with an unknown bright light. All the Gods went out of their homes and looked towards the shining heart. Someone asked, “What is this?” and Isis responded, “This is the Sun – and it is shining the way true love shined in the dwarf’s heart.”

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  1. Както каза Флориан (друг виден драскач от моя клас): "В сравнение с жена ти ние ядем семки". Какво да кажа - тази връзка се е отразила добре на творческия й талант (sun) :D Шегувам се, нямам никаква заслуга. Просто един досега скрит талант се появи и стискайте палци да я навия да го развие.

    Иначе митът кърти. Само някои имена не са кой знае колко добре подбрани, но тя си знае. Идеята като цяло е перфектна, изпълнението също. Как да не съм горд с нея? (happy)


Поради зачестилия спам, сега всеки коментар ще трябва първо да бъде одобрен преди да се публикува, така че не се учудвайте, ако коментарът ви не се покаже веднага. Извинявам се за неудобството :)

Защо, бе, Marvel?!?

Скъпи блогочетци, разчитам на факта, че повечето от вас не живеят в пещера (не Пещера, там имам верни другари) и знаят, че това чудо "...